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Frequently asked questions

What type of company is Kooyoora Ltd?

Kooyoora Ltd is a not-for-profit public company limited by guarantee. It is registered as a charity with the Australian Charites and Not-for-Profits Commission.

Who are the members of the company?

The current members of the Company are the founding members, the Melbourne Anglican Diocesan Corporation Ltd and the Bendigo Anglican Diocesan Corporation Ltd.  Other entities will be admitted in due course as a member, in accordance with the Company’s constitution.

How are Directors appointed?

In practice, the existing directors appoint additional directors, based on merit and the desired skills and experience.

How is Kooyoora Ltd funded?

Kooyoora Ltd was incorporated in January 2017 with one off funding from both the Melbourne and Bendigo Dioceses.  In July 2017, it commenced operations providing its services to those dioceses. There was no government or other source of funding to start Kooyoora Ltd.   

Kooyoora operates by charging out its services on a fee for service basis. The participating institution pays for these services as and when they are provided. Institutions who becomes members of the company also pay an annual subscription.

How does Kooyoora relate to the Royal Commission?

Kooyoora Ltd was formed in response to the imperative for a better way of handling complaints, screening and redress and to promote a culture of child safety among participating institutions.  The Royal Commission discussed the role of Kooyoora Ltd in its final report, vol 16.

How can people contact Kooyoora Ltd?

See the contact details in the footer below.

Is Kooyoora Ltd just part of the Anglican Church and not independent?

No, Kooyoora Ltd is a separate legal entity with its own board of directors and staff. Kooyoora Executive Director and staff are all independent of the Anglican Church.

The Kooyoora Board Chair and Directors all act independently of the Anglican Church however two Directors have volunteer Board roles at Anglicare Victoria.

Are all the directors of Kooyoora Ltd members of the Anglican Church?

No, two of the directors hold the office of Chancellor in their respective dioceses. The chair of Directors has no involvement in the Anglican Church.

How can Kooyoora Ltd be independent when it was set up with funds from Anglican dioceses?

Kooyoora Ltd has own its own governing board of directors.  It carries out functions assigned to it by the Synod of each diocese by Church legislation.  Only by changing that legislation can Kooyoora Ltd be removed from those functions. The Professional Standards Committee, the Professional Standards Board and the Professional Standards Review Board are each independent bodies with specific statutory duties.

Are all the members of the Kooyoora Professional Standards Committee members of the Anglican Church?

No, roughly half the Committee members are not members of the Anglican Church. Some belong to other faith denominations.

Are the directors of the company involved in the handling of complaints?

No, the directors are not involved in the operations of complaints or screening or redress. Their role is described in the board charter of the company.  In the first instance, it is the Director and Deputy Director of Professional Standards and the Professional Standards Committee that handles complaints.  The Committee may refer a complaint to the Professional Standards Board for determination.