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Our people

Kooyoora has a multidisciplinary team with skills and experience in investigations, social work, teaching and psychology. Our team have extensive experience in a range of areas including sexual abuse, child safety, fraud, interpersonal conflict and bullying. We also have a number of external consultants assisting in areas such cyber-crime, law, forensic psychology, research and facilitated conversations. Please see the details below relating to some of our team.

Executive Director
Ms Fiona Boyle

Fiona Boyle is a registered psychologist, holds business management qualifications and is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Prior to joining Kooyoora as Chief Executive Officer she was the CEO of Gippsland Centre against Sexual Assault for just over 9 years having worked as a Counsellor/ advocate and Senior Clinician prior to that. During this time she developed an interest in understanding the wellbeing of individuals, teams and organisations out of necessity due to having responsibility of an organisation working primarily in the area of trauma. Fiona has worked in private practice, community health settings and in therapeutic programs such as working with children who have experienced family violence and victims of crime. She has worked with young people that have experienced harm and young people displaying sexualised behaviours. She has also had periods where she has provided professional supervision to therapists and mentoring to CEO’s. Fiona has also held positions at state and national levels advocating and working with government for the right to accessible and responsive services for people who have experienced sexual assault. Fiona is most proud of her advocacy work in assisting with the establishment of multidisciplinary centres in Gippsland, and across the state, and for her contribution in developing mechanisms for the voice of the child to be heard in out of home care and child protection care planning meetings.

Mrs Katrina Thomas

Katrina has 30 years experience with Victoria Police, 25 years in the field of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse Investigation. She left her position as a Detective Leading Senior Constable of Police to join Kooyoora.

Mr Trevor Walker

Trevor has over 20 years experience in law enforcement. He has worked in Professional Standards for a number of years. He has extensive experience around managing complaints and investigations. In the last 5 years he has worked in the areas of historical sexual abuse matters.

Mrs Marcella Meagher

Marcella has a number of years of administrative experience.