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The Review Board

Convening a Professional Standards Review Board

Generally, the President of the Review Board convenes a board consisting of either the President or Deputy President, and a clergy person and a lay person, each appointed by the President from the panel: extract from the Act.

A single member, appointed by the President, can constitute the Review Board for a matter that does not involve sexual abuse.

So far as it is reasonably practicable, the Review Board consisting of more than one member must include at least one man and one woman and one person who is not a member of the Church.

The Professional Standards Review Board Panel

Composition of the Panel

  • a President and a Deputy President appointed by the Scheme Directors, and Senior Members, each of whom shall be or shall have been either a judicial officer or a practising barrister or solicitor of at least 10 years’ standing of the Supreme Court of a State or Territory; and
  • at least 5 other persons appointed by the Scheme Directors of whom at least—
    • 2 shall not be members of the Anglican Church of Australia;
    • 2 shall be members of the clergy; and
    • 3 shall have professional qualifications and experience —
      • in psychiatry or psychology with current or recent clinical experience with patients who have been victims of child abuse or sexual misconduct; or
      • in child protection, investigations, social work, ethics, medicine or counselling.

Membership of the panel

The current members of the Professional Standards Review Board panel are–

Position Name Anglican
President Review Board The Hon Julie Dodds-Streeton Former Judge Yes
Deputy President Review Board The Hon David Habersberger Former Judge No
Member Review Board Panel Prof Greg Baxter University Research Professor, Pro Vice Chancellor roles Yes
Member Review Board Panel Mr Michael Gronow Barrister Yes
Member Review Board Panel Professor Daryl Higgins University Research Professor
Member Review Board Panel Bishop Alison Taylor Anglican Bishop Yes
Member Review Board Panel Rev Dr Steven Ogden Anglican Clergy Yes


All contact with the Professional Standards Review Board must be through the Secretary, Mr Robert McInnes, Solicitor at rodmcinnes7@optusnet.com.au.