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Kooyoora Office of Professional Standards


Kooyoora as Scheme Corporation administers the Professional Standards Uniform legislation for the Diocese of Melbourne as a participating diocese in the Uniform Scheme.

The Kooyoora Office of Professional Standards has an independent statutory role in the handling of complaints, screening, redress and training.

Sharing resources

Participating dioceses in the scheme enact the Uniform legislation, with or without modification, and share the common independent office of professional standards operated by Kooyoora;  they share the resources of that office including directors of professional standards and other staff and systems of operation: s 132 of the Act.

Participating dioceses also share the same statutory office holders on the Professional Standards Board panel and Review Board panel, each of whom is appointed by the board of directors of Kooyoora.

The Kooyoora Office keeps relevant confidential information received or given by it in their statutory functions in a Joint Register for participating dioceses collectively: s174.  This is so that all relevant information can readily inform decision making on questions of fitness of a Church worker who has been or will be in ministry or service in more than one diocese.