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Clearance for ministry

Clergy (a person in Holy Orders) and authorised lay ministers must hold a Clearance for Ministry granted by Kooyoora stating they are fit to hold the proposed role, office or position in the Church.  A new Clearance for Ministry must be obtained for each new role, office or position.

Requirements for each Clearance for Ministry:

  1. By applicant:
    1. Clearance for Ministry Application (Safe Ministry Check)
    2. Police check (National)
    3. Current WWCC (Working With Children Card)
    4. Letter of Good Standing (If applicant is coming from another diocese or denomination)
    5. International police check if applicant has lived, worked or travelled in a country overseas for more than one year in the last 10 years as an adult.
  2. By Kooyoora:
    1. Anglican National Register check
    2. Professional Standards Check (from other dioceses)
    3. Kooyoora register check

Process Diagram

Kooyoora will process applications according to the Clearance for Ministry Protocol