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Anyone can lodge a complaint of misconduct against a Church worker in the diocese with the Director of Professional Standards.

If a complainant, you must consent in writing to your complaint being dealt with under the governing Act. You may be asked to give particulars and to verify your complaint by statutory declaration.  The complaints protocol explains the process in more detail.

The Director will explain to you what happens and the roles of the people involved.

The Director may appoint a Carer to help you in your capacity as complainant. The Director may also as circumstances require appoint a Professional Support person to help you, such as a psychologist or counsellor.

The Professional Standards Committee has the carriage of your complaint and decides in the first instance how it should be dealt with, either by taking or not taking action, by investigation, by a conciliation process or by referral to the Professional Standards Board for determination.

You are kept informed at various stages of the progress of your complaint including–

  • when the matter is investigated;
  • if the matter is referred to the Board;
  • when the Board hears the matter, if there is a hearing, so you can attend;
  • when the Board makes a determination;
  • if a party applies for review to the Review Board;
  • when the Church authority acts on the recommendation if any of the Board.

You are not a party to the proceeding but your views to the Director are welcome.