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If you are or were a Church worker in the diocese, a complaint of misconduct may be lodged against you with the Director of Professional Standards.

Anyone can lodge a complaint and consent to it being dealt with in accordance with the process.

Within a week of the Director receiving the complaint and consent, the Director will provide you as the respondent with a copy of the complaint:  Complaints Protocol.

You have the right to obtain independent legal or other professional advice. You can tell the Committee why it should not entertain the complaint or should dismiss it or take no further action in relation to it. The Committee will consider your submission. It can dismiss a complaint that is frivolous or lacking in substance or that can properly be dealt with by other means.

Otherwise, as respondent, you will be expected to provide the Committee with a written response to the complaint within 3 weeks (or such longer period as the Director may allow in writing).

The Committee may decide to investigate the matter and for that purpose appoint an investigator. If the complaint can be resolved by agreement, the Committee will consider that option.

The Committee must refer the complaint to the Professional Standards Board for adjudication if the complaint raises a question whether you are unfit to hold your role office or position in the Church either permanently, temporarily or whether you should only continue, subject to conditions.