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Professional Standards Seminars

During the course of your ministry or service, you may be asked at least once every 3 years to attend Professional Standards Seminars as part of holding a clearance within the Diocese. The seminars for 2019 can be found on the Melbourne Anglican Diocese Web Site

These Seminars are limited to 30 people and attendees must register via email to clearances@melbourneanglican.org.au

You will then be sent an email advising of your registration.

Child Safety

Your guide to the Code of Conduct for Child Safety

This Code sets out in more detail the standards of behaviour which the Anglican Church in the Diocese expects from all people associated with or representing it to ensure child safety. It is the responsibility of each Church worker to be aware of and meet these standards and, unless there are cogent reasons for not doing so, to follow the guidelines.

The General Standards
  1. Special responsibility of a Church authority
  2. Safety  and welfare of children
  3. Treating children with equality and respect
  4. Venue and activities
  5. Abusive behaviour
  6. Mandatory reporting
  7. Inappropriate behaviour
  8. Privacy and confidentiality
Standards for Electronic Communications
  1.    Telephone
  2.    Email
  3.    SMS, WhatsApp and like communications
  4.    Facebook
  5.    Youth specific
  6.    Instant Messaging (MSN, FB Chat, Snapchat, Google Chat, Instagram,      WeChat
  7.    Video Chat (Mobile Phone or Internet)