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Kooyoora wins Voice Project’s Best Workplace Award for 2020

Kooyoora wins Voice Project’s Best Workplace Award for 2020

Kooyoora is pleased to announce that we have won the Voice Project’s Best Workplace Award for 2020.

It is an award that recognises workplaces who have excellent management practices and a highly engaged workforce. We were informed

“ Your employees report exceptional levels of engagement and satisfaction in your latest survey. Specifically, you have exceeded both the criteria of scoring at least 10% higher on average than the industry benchmark AND a minimum average of 80% across all survey questions. This is an excellent result and only a small number of our clients meet this criteria. Kooyoora has therefore been identified as an exceptional place to work.”

Some key data:

Team engagement 87%

Team wellbeing 93%

Team perception of organisational progress and performance 98%

“Comparing your results against the industry benchmark, the organisation outperformed in every area of the survey. The key strengths in this regard were in recruitment & selection (+36%), performance feedback (+34%) and recognition (+33%).

The two lowest rated areas were in pay & benefits (71%) and career opportunities (70%), however these are common challenges for the industry and Kooyoora actually outperformed when compared to the benchmark (+10% and +22% respectively).”