Resignation of founding Board Director

Michael Shand AM QC resigned on the 15th October 2019 as a Kooyoora Board Director.  Michael has been involved with Kooyoora from conceptualisation through to implementation and has assisted Kooyoora to establish legislative and governance frameworks and compliance.

Michael’s role with Kooyoora was to assist in the establishment stage of the company and he has generously contributed over multiple years to ensure we entered a growth stage. Kooyoora now has some diversity in funding as it has begun fee for service across multiple sectors including education, sporting and other denominations. It has established processes, recruited to Board positions and is well placed for future growth.

We would like to acknowledge the significant contribution Michael has made in order to make this happen. Kooyoora would not be the company it is today without Michael’s vision, passion, commitment and sheer hard work.